Services Offered

* We only provide fixed fee proposals, so you will KNOW "how much" before you get started". Feel free to give us a call to see if our approach is right for you.
* Typically we can identify range of potential fees and the time line to accomplish your project after a short 10-15 minute phone call.
* We are proud to offer 3 levels of standard service to our clients.

"Full Design Construction Drawings"
    Where the goal is to achieve a final set of construction/permit drawings of your project, this is the work scope for you. This level of service includes work described in "Ideas & Concepts" to establish/confirm the direction of your project and includes described work scope of "Concept Schematics" to further refine the project before preparing Design Development (for details, materials, finishes, and construction methodologies. These drawings can also be used by your contractor to provide you with budget verification) and then preparing the Construction Permit Documents.


We will have a major milestone meeting after the concept/schematic design is completed, and check-in meetings during the development of the design and at around 75% completed Construction Permitting drawings.

It can also be helpful if your Contractor is on board during this process so your entire team is working towards your goal and vision for your home.

Time frame and duration of this service depends greatly on the size and scope of the project.


"Concept Schematics"-
    Taking the 'Ideas and Concepts' one step further...


Useful for the very Handy-Home owner who is skilled at working on their home; and very Helpful for Home Owners who have a relationship with a Contractor and like the flexibility to work out materials and finishes as the construction progresses.

Beneficial for seeking financing and/or getting a solid budget range from your contractor prior to committing to full architectural drawings. (also has the option to get good feedback from your contractor during the sketching process for a better informed final project)

Basic steps: site visit of 2-3 hours for conversation about goals for the project with  field measurement of existing structure. Two to three concept sketches will be prepared back in our office for Owner's review and consideration with 1 revision after phone consultation reviewing the pros and cons of each layout. Typically drawn on ledger size paper, sent via email PDF's, easily be printed on letter size paper at half-size. Graphic scale included along with some dimensions so it's easier to see relative sizes (to compare to your current environment). [EASY PEASY!]  After Owner's review, and an approximate half hour follow up review telephone consultation, the Sketches are updated, usually resulting in a single layout that addresses the project goals. Because these Sketches are 'to scale' Contractors can typically provide good budgetary cost based on the drawings.

Ultimately, Deliverables of this service are typically to-scale hand Sketch drawings may include items such as Demo/ Floor/ Ceiling plan(s), Building elevation(s) or Section(s), etc. depending on the size/scope of the project and the idea(s) which are being identified and explored,


"Ideas and Concepts"-
    Did you ever have a glimmer of an idea, and needed to bounce it off the wall - and get a hint of how Probable/Doable it is, along with an "Order of Magnitude" of time, size & cost? Or, have you ever had a thought and just wanted to get pointed in the right direction?


Then, this is the service for you

We will have a short (I.e. 15-20 minute) discussion the phone [yay! for free] to take a cursory overview of what your vision.

If we're a good match for your project, for a predetermined fixed fee, we will meet with you at your home, talk thru the ideas and help you define and 'rank order' your vision so you can identify your options. This meeting is usually about 1-2 hours long.

Deliverables at end of this service could be a written 'laundry list', on-site hand drawn doodles to convey the essence of an idea, Dollar-per-square-foot budget considerations, narrative description of the project, and a list of items for the Home owner to consider/resolve to reach a refined vision and method to achieve the project. Typically, these materials are prepared in our office and sent to you in about a week after the site meeting.


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